You sure came here to know how to make pictures load fast again, why we have what we have now and how velia and hetzner betrayed all you loyal iMGSRC.RU visitors.

To deliver web content fast to various parts of the globe you have to have servers close to end users, at least a few per continent. Which we did have as close as in summer 2021. But then hetzner and velia without any court order or something decided that Europe doesn’t need us and this made things slower for everyone living there.

Of course there are thousands other hosting solutions for us but these two were fast and reliable servers for us in last few years but then boom! Do you know what happened?

According to Russian internet regulator this picture is fine. However, is trying to tell us this is “sexual, harmful and/or abusive”. As usual, there could be some story behind this image but once again provides only a misleading generic notification about this is being sexual. From what is see here is that the liver on this woman suffers.

This is getting completely out of control. Today we received the following email. Google will translate it for you’d desire that.

La référence à rappeler dans les échanges relatifs à ce signalement : 177450
Date de réception du signalement : 05/10/2021
Qualification du signalement : Abus sexuels sur mineur


Nous vous signalons ce contenu manifestement illégal ayant déjà été transmis aux autorités françaises.

Victime connue

Merci d’en interdire l’accès au plus vite et de ne pas effacer les données de connexion associées.


This is insane. Ok, this can be anything, but sexual abuse. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, INHOPE, which the sender, is a member of, knows the story behind this image, but instead of providing the real data they continue to drive the hype train of child abuse. You guys need some serious help. Or a new job.

The next fighter in anti-CP war comes to play and this is Hetzner Online GMBH. They now locked some of iMGSRC.RU services out of their network for allegedly posting child porn which of course iMGSRC.RU never did nor allowed others to do. There never were any court rule or order…

The other day we’ve got a “i follow this little bitch on instagram i would love to fuck her while i smell these beautiful little feet that drive me crazy” comment to some innocent teenage girl photo. Somehwere arount the same time we were routinely emailed by requesting to delete some CP-like content on iMGSRC.RU which of course happen to be an innocent photo. You can even consider these photos identical for this story.

So, it all started on instagram and you come to us telling it is illegal? These scumbags exists out there, so go hunt them in their lair.

What do you think?


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