Alright, Hetzner

2 min readOct 5, 2021

The next fighter in anti-CP war comes to play and this is Hetzner Online GMBH. They now locked some of iMGSRC.RU services out of their network for allegedly posting child porn which of course iMGSRC.RU never did nor allowed others to do. There never were any court rule or order or something. They just went with “the blocked IPs won’t be unblocked anymore”. Fine.

This great hosting company, having a really nice automation of everything from setup to further server administration and support, thinks of their customers as robots and provides one hour deadline for removing contents they think are illegal. No, they don’t care if it actually is illegal, they don’t give you enough time to consult anyone on the status of that content, they ignore “are you sure” questions, they just pass on every complain they get and expect you to comply unjustified accusations. Smart move, very robotic.

The interesting part of this story is that Hetzner itself happily provide their network facilities for proxies, TOR exits and alike which in turn were used to upload that “child porn” to our servers. And you can’t even complain about this, as everything but Hetzner outgoing IPs is encrypted and so. Again: Hetzner provides for child porn trafficking. Here’s an extract from our database showing number of users locked out for various reasons who came to us from AS24940 (this is just one of Hetzner’s Autonomous Systems):

child abuse/exploitation 1
child porn distribution / распространение детской порнографии 42
CP avatar 1
posting copyrighted pictures / нарушение копирайтов 5
reposts / copyright issues / повторы чужих фото 367
reposts / повторы чужих фото 38
[iMGSRC.RU] service rules violation / нарушение правил сервиса 49
spam / trading offers / indecent comments on children 41
spam / trading offers / obscene comments 310

On the one hand Hetzner furiously fights CP but also supports child porn distribution on the other.

Well done, Hetzner, well done.