Discord will switch to temporary file links to block malware delivery

1 min readNov 7, 2023

“Discord is evolving its approach to attachment CDN URLs in order to create a safer and more secure experience for users. In particular, this will help our safety team restrict access to flagged content, and generally reduce the amount of malware distributed using our CDN,” Discord told BleepingComputer.

What Discord doesn’t tell is that this will also decrease the amount of child porn content accessible from the outside. This, unfortunately, will not necessary affect amount of CP hosted on Discord.

You may wonder why are we so interested in Discord operations. Discord hosts it’s attachments on Google’s cloud and then it serves them through the Cloudflare’s CDN. Both of these companies refused to work with iMGSRC.RU at some point claiming that we allegedly host something illegal. Yet if you pay bigger $$ both Google and Cloudflare will happily accept any crap you want to host with their help. Nice.