Happy New Year, Everyone!

1 min readDec 30, 2023
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There had been lots of things we’ve accomplished on iMGSRC.RU through the year 2023 and its last day is a perfect opportunity to quickly recall some of them:

  • Verified users now have their album standing out above all others: they are coloured different and marked with a special sign. These verified guys now have links they post automatically be active
  • A subscription was added to allow album downloads in .ZIP
  • We now allow users to store pictures up to 12Mp in size
  • We’ve made several improvements to our UI, updated internals and removed jQuery dependency to make iMGRC.RU UX better and faster
  • Our profile links are now as short as possible, ie imgsrc.ru/skinny
  • By popular demand we’ve added a separate AI section

We are saying goodbye to 2023 with 78.000.000 uploads to iMGSRC.RU and we are looking forward to more exciting events in 2024!

Happy New Year, everyone! Wish you all the best!

Yours truly, iMGSRC.RU :)