Here is how to treat yourself with verification badge for free.

1 min readMay 5


(русская версия)

As you already know we rolled out a new feature, a verification badge. Unlike all other badges it allows your albums and comments to stand out boldly among the others. This will draw more attention to your iMGSRC.RU profile.

So how do you get this badge? Unlike Twitter who charges $8 for their counterpart, our badge is completely free. And its green! All you have to do is place a link to your iMGSRC.RU profile somewhere on the internet, be it a Medium publication, Twitter/FB/IG profile or post, you name it and email us a link to this place at That’s it! We’ll add a badge to your profile shortly.

When posted to Twitter we’d really appreciate if you follow us there @

(We reserve a right to routinely check your link and remove your badge if the link doesn’t exist.)