iMGSRC.RU is not about child abuse

1 min readOct 22, 2021

This is a hard story as it may seem to one like we apologise. We do not.

iMGSRC.RU was established in 2006 as a photo hosting solution for forums, blogs and alike. Many different people came to our platform for various needs and populated it with millions of photos. Anything illegal was always erased on moderator’s check or visitor’s report. Every single photo left on iMGSRC.RU afterwards is legal.

And then BLM came and SJW scam followed. These guys feel so happy to annoy, they are internet trolls, they are not really fighting for anything — they would ride any hype train running right now. Portion of these are seemed to be aroused by any child just naked, not even closely portraying anything sexual and so they think everyone else should be too. Given this they send out abuse reports to every authority they could get their horny hands on. And this is when photos uploaded to iMGSRC.RU in 2006 suddenly become a problem. But they are not. Just like the above Madonna col Bambino.