iMGSRC.RU is slow

Well, not really. iMGSRC.RU is running on a full throttle here, in Russia, where they usually abide to the laws not a someone’s one opinion. But if you live outside this superior country you can feel some lag. Meet your another revolution hero:

You sure know our story of Hetzner, here is another gooood one. Velia, another great hosting operator we had server with sent us an email telling that we have an abusive content to delete in next 6 hours. Usual thing, however it was different this one time. Velia didn’t provide a link. Five hours later when we finally understood no followups are coming and yet something is missing in that email we contacted Velia for clarification and got the URL to delete which we instantly did. Velia’s support called that missing piece of a puzzle “the inconvenience” and informed us in the very next email that “all of your rented services with us will be cancelled as you are clearly in breach of our ToS”. Nice! So you provide no URL to delete and then, voila, you’re banned from Velia. In case you wonder if some bearded guy from support with decades of experience was to lead this mess go to and meet Niklas.



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