Why wayback machine @ archive.org SUCKS

2 min readJul 18, 2022

Welcome stranger. I’ve got news for you — iMGSRC.RU never ever existed. None of it. Never. This is what archive.org tell you: https://web.archive.org/web/*/imgsrc.ru

Did someone mistakingly erased 16 years of existence of an Alexa’s top-1000 site? Is this a biased opinion? Or is The Greatest Internet Archive simply afraid of it being raided by police for keeping copies of something illegal?

Alright, lets’ take a look at something “completely different”: mega.nz. This is a much bigger file sharing platform and at some point of time it obviously contained something illegal which of course was (almost) instantly removed.

Is this the trigger for being “excluded from the Wayback Machine”? Ha, NOPE. archive.org is still keeping track of this very cool and feature rich platform.

So, what’s the Wayback Machine’s point? They removed a 16-years old iMGSRC.RU, one of the last survivals of photo hostings vs social medias confrontation and kept service registered in 2014 in good health. Is it because they run out of capacity and now delete their older backups or are they biased or are they afraid or ARE THEY WHAT? Please share your thought in comments: