3 min readJul 26, 2023

Yesterday we changed the way we store avatar files and this lead to a series of bonuses in different areas. One of such is that we were now able to easily run all of the avatars through EOKM database to detect illegal images which led to an amazing discovery instead. Take a look:

All of the above are on EOKM DB of illegal images. Of course the award winning Scorpion’s Virgin Killer cover and Nirvana’s Nevermind cover in a form of some of iMGSRC.RU user’s avatar are also there. Please read again: All of the above are illegal according to EOKM DB.

Of course all here published images are legal and you can use reverse image search to find some of these we available since circa 2010. The false positive from EOKM only means that majority of it’ DB of “illegal” images was populated by grabbing every single image available on iMGSRC.RU at some point in time around 2015, including avatars sized 100x100px where you can barely see a thing. This is why for a few past years iMGSRC.RU was considered Internet’s outlaw. This is why EOKM itself and other closed source hash DBs are a failure and this is why nobody shall nor trust nor rely on any of them.

Please spread the word, please share this another Internet failure with a friend.